Healthy skin and Diet

How to get healthy skin from a diet?

Today we are going to discuss what is a good diet for healthy skin. Healthy skin comes from our properly working body systems. As many skins- care products tackle surface-level problems of the skin, mostly they temporarily work. But if we choose a healthy and balanced diet, it will correct our body functioning and automatically our skin glow.

Steps to follow for getting healthy skin:

1)The first of them is you have to be adequately hydrated. Seventy percent of the skin cells are made of water. If you drink more water, your skin will glow more and more. At least two liters of water per day should be consumed for healthy skin. So, be sure even if you are on the move to have plenty of water, it’s not necessary to only consume water. You may even have a large number of juices per day. If you add on juices containing bioflavonoids,( for example, any bright fruit in the core orange, yellow, or red will have a bioflavonoid),  will give value to your skin.

2)The second is your vitamin content. So, vitamins A, C, and E are important to the skin. Vitamin A and E are fat-soluble vitamins and they are available in abundance in carrots. Any fruit or vegetable which is bright in color like orange, red, or purple will have enough amount of these vitamins. In addition to this, vitamin E is also present in certain non-vegetarian foods like seafood and fish.  Prawns are rich sources of vitamin A. Similarly citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are high in vitamin C content.

If you feel your diet does not contain enough vitamins A, C, and E, you can also top it up with supplements.

3)The third point is, you have adequate zinc in your body. Now remember zinc brings in immunity and as the world is full of allergies and infection, program your body as a good immunity builder. Once the skin is healthy and infection free, it will show a good glow and shine on the skin. So be sure you are taking Zinc rich food in your diet also.

Recommendations for diet

There are certain recommendations for a diet that you should not have while you break out into acne. Certain diets have a very high glycemic index or are highly laced with carbohydrates like bread, the pizzas. the burgers, the chapatis loaded with oil and ghee cause more breakouts.  You have also careful about the dairy products you use. Otherwise, your breakouts are going to remain persistent and leave behind marks and scars as in the Indian skin.

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